Dominik Wittenbeck: Workshop "Rapid Blueprinting for Transformation Projects"

Did you ever feel that blueprinting the business rules for your transformation projects took forever to set up and verify? Inflight projects and last minute changes of the scope imposed additional risks? This talk provides you with best practices and an integrated solution based on SNP Transformation Backbone to improve the speed and quality of your blueprints while embracing change rather than fearing it.

Freitag 20. Oktober, 15:00 – 16:00 Level: 3 | Walze

Dominik Wittenbeck

Director of Product Development

Dominik Wittenbeck has a 17 year history with SNP and its core business: Transformation of system landscapes. As Director of Product Development he is coordinating global development teams in the task to provide our customers with better tools, software and practices with every release. He is a transformation enthusiast and a strong believer in change as a chance for improvement in every aspect of life.